A new beginning
Let's start the site freshly

Today I am starting my new blog. I had to reinstall the server because of a OS fail and had no backup from my old blog. So I have to start again from the beginning. This time with an own, hand crafted design. I hope you are enyoing it.

So, what are my plans now? Well, I will continue to write posts about my actual focus, internet security. Also some coding. Please don’t wait for content, I am a busy guy and cannot post in a high frequency. You might forgive wrong spelling, too. English is not my main language, so errors will happen.

This new system has no comment functions or any other fancy functions. It’s just here to display my text, nothing more. If you have any thoughts, use Twitter please.

Sincerly, wirehack7

Written by wirehack7 on 07 November 2014